The works in Close to Home are part of a series that considers the traces we leave on the materials we live with. Elusive marks, stitched trails and saturated, skin-like surfaces refer poetically to the tenuous and transitory nature of human experience.

I am interested in placing, side-by-side, ideas that embrace the ordinariness of a blanket or other domestic cloth with ideas of place and time that maps suggest.

I find beauty in the accidental marks left on the materials we handle daily. I build these pieces by continually fixing the mistakes: cutting out, covering up and adding a new bit, until it feels complete and beautiful. With this accumulation of attention and labor, sometimes the worst mistake yields the most beautiful surface.

The works are constructed primarily from handmade flax, abaca and linen papers, with linen cloth and other materials that carry a variety of surface qualities. These constructed paintings allow me to explore, among other things, the essential properties of handmade paper and dyed cloth.